Consulting Services

Consulting Services

I am a self-taught programmer with a CEMS Master in International Management. Having both a business and deep technical understanding allows me to easily communicate complex technical ideas with business stakeholders.

What can I help you with? 💪

⚔️ Full-Stack Development

Build and ship the next modern frontend application to power your individual idea.

Languages I speak:

Typescript, CSS, HTML

Frameworks & Libraries Expertise:

  • Next.js / Next13
  • Tailwind CSS & UI / Daisy UI / ShadcnUI
  • React Hook Form
  • Tanstack Table
  • Clerk Auth
  • Drizzle ORM
  • Directus & Strapi CMS

🤖 Data & AI Services

Derive better insights and build new data products with a scalable data warehouse and custom data pipelines.

Languages I speak:

Python, SQL, Prompt Engineering

Frameworks & Libraries Expertise:

  • Langchain
  • Postgres: Neon / Supabase
  • DBT
  • Pandas
  • Modal
  • Superset
  • Airbyte
  • Great Expectations
  • FasAPI

📢 Business Process Automation & SEO

Deploy automation scripts to optimize operations and leverage SEO strategies to amplify your online reach.


  • Ahrefs
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Posthog
  • Linear
  • Pipedream

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