Felix Vemmer

👋 Willkommen auf meiner persönlichen Webseite

Hey, ich bin Felix, Full-Stack-Entwickler und Indiepreneur aus Berlin. Hier findest du klare Einblicke und praktische Ratschläge zu Python, TypeScript und allem, was mit Full-Stack zu tun hat.

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Fähigkeiten - Womit kann ich dir helfen?

Ich bin ein self-taught Developer mit einem CEMS Master in internationalem Management. Dank meiner Kombination aus Geschäftssinn und technischem Verständnis kann ich nicht nur komplexe technische Ideen verständlich vermitteln, sondern diese auch erfolgreich umsetzen.

Full-Stack Development

Ich verwandle deine individuellen Ideen in moderne Web-Anwendungen.


Javascript, Typescript, CSS, HTML

Tools / Frameworks

  • Next.js / Next14
  • Tailwind CSS & UI / Daisy UI / ShadcnUI
  • React Hook Form
  • Tanstack Table
  • Clerk Auth
  • Drizzle ORM
  • Directus & Strapi CMS

Data & AI Services

Ich biete dir Einblicke und helfe dir dabei, skalierbare Datenprodukte und AI Services zu erstellen.


Python, SQL

Tools / Frameworks

  • Langchain
  • Postgres: Neon / Supabase
  • DBT
  • Pandas
  • Modal
  • Superset
  • Airbyte
  • Great Expectations
  • FastAPI

Business & Marketing

Lerne wie du dein aktuelles Geschäft optimieren kannst oder erhalte Feedback zu einer völlig neuen Geschäftsidee.


SEO & SEA, Agile Sprints, BizDev

Tools / Frameworks

  • Ahrefs
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Posthog
  • Linear
  • Pipedream

Blog - Das Neueste von meinem Blog

Referenzen - Was Kunden und Leser sagen

“Felix expertly guided our transition from Wordpress to Next.js, translating complex frontend concepts into clear terms. His detailed insights on SEO, from performance to meta tag nuances, were invaluable. He also advised on blog setup and CMS suitability for our needs, and efficiently assisted with integrations like Mailchimp. Felix's broad tech knowledge and business acumen make him an invaluable asset. I highly recommend him for his ability to merge technology and business insights to deliver real value.”

Perjan Duro
Co-Founder at MoneyCoach.ai

“I collaborated with Felix on a project for DezentralizedFinance.com to create a scalable logo map SaaS tool. Felix was professional, timely, and efficient. He excelled in communication, adapting to my vision of integrating a prototype with Google Sheets. With his expertise, especially in image rendering with Vercel OG Image, he closely matched my expectations, needing only slight style adjustments. What stood out was Felix's understanding of my workflow and needs. The prototype's value for money is impressive, and I look forward to future projects with him. I highly recommend Felix for his exceptional work and client-focused approach, solidifying his freelancing reputation.”

Julian Richter
Founder at DezentralizedFinance.com

“This is a good summary! I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.”

Rob Walling
Author of the SaaS Playbook

“This is an awesome blog post. Thanks!”

Michael Frieze

“As a recent bootcamp grad who is often overwhelmed by how much is out there and how the bar seems so much higher for a chance at employment, stuff like this is super helpful. Really appreciate it! It was nice to see some of my current frameworks included”


“Thank you very much for creating this article. I am a beginner with Next.js, and I found your piece extremely helpful. It also led me to explore the rest of your impressive blog 🤩”

Pierre Rognion
AI Manager @Twelve Consulting

“Many thanks for your detailed and informed advice on choosing a tech stack for our health startup. The level of detail in your assessment was unexpected and highly appreciated. Your checklist, with its clear and useful tips, has been invaluable—it pointed out things we hadn't thought of by ourselves.”

Daniel Biene
Digital Entrepreneur

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