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Members, Money, and More: Unraveling Insights from almost 3,000 Ghost Blogs

Explore a deep dive into the Ghost blog ecosystem, analyzing nearly 3,000 blogs. Discover dominant themes, understand membership dynamics, and unveil monetization trends. Join the journey to decipher what makes a Ghost blog thrive.

Felix Vemmer
Felix Vemmer
September 10, 2023
Members, Money, and More: Unraveling Insights from almost 3,000 Ghost Blogs

With my blog,, on the cusp of reaching its first 100 members, my curiosity about the expansive Ghost blog ecosystem was piqued.

  • How does my blog stand amidst the thousands out there?
  • Which topics are bloggers most passionate about?
  • Who's truly mastering the art of engagement and monetization?

To answer these questions, I plunged into the depths of the Ghost Explore dataset. Through this exploration, I've unveiled a myriad of insights—from dominant blogging categories and membership dynamics to the fascinating world of Ghost blog monetization. If you're eager to unravel the captivating stories this data holds, come along on this analytical odyssey through the Ghost blog universe.

Unraveling the Ghost Explore Dataset

When I stumbled upon Ghost Explore, I found a goldmine. It's not just a directory; it's the heart of the Ghost creator network, a platform that bridges creators and readers, helping them discover their next favorite publication. Ghost Explore is more than a listing—it's a showcase of the Ghost ecosystem's vastness, featuring sites based on their popularity, engagement metrics, and more. And guess what? Anyone with a Ghost site (running version 5.8 or higher) can join this community, sharing their data and getting their moment in the spotlight.

My Blog on Ghost Explore

Exploring the Dataset

Diving into the dataset from Ghost Explore, it's important to note that this is just a sample of all Ghost blogs out there. Yet, the insights are revealing:

  1. Total Blogs Analyzed: I looked at a substantial sample of 2,985 Ghost blogs from across the globe.
  2. Diverse Themes: These blogs span across 34 unique categories, reflecting a broad spectrum of interests and niches.
  3. Average Membership: For the blogs that shared their numbers, the average membership is approximately 1,847 members (from a sample of 1,266 blogs).
  4. Revenue Patterns: The average Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) for these disclosing blogs is around $2,501 (from a sample of 155 blogs).

Remember, these averages are specific to the blogs that chose to share their details. The true averages across all Ghost blogs might differ.

With this foundation laid, let's dig deeper to uncover more specific trends, highlight top performers, and understand intriguing patterns from this dataset.

Dominant Categories in the Ghost Blogging Landscape

Among the diverse categories captured in the dataset, certain themes clearly resonate more with the Ghost blogging community. Technology remains the frontrunner, with 674 blogs centered around tech-centric themes, innovations, and insights. Business holds its ground with 324 blogs that delve into strategies, market trends, and entrepreneurial narratives. Personal tales and experiences span 179 blogs, providing intimate insights and reflections. Rounding off the top five are Culture and Education, hosting 162 and 150 blogs, respectively. This distribution paints a vivid picture of the Ghost blogging community's diverse interests and highlights the subjects currently resonating with readers.

My Blog on Ghost Explore

Memberships: Ghost's Game-Changer and Your Next Insight

One of Ghost's standout features is its ability to effortlessly convert readers into members. Instead of mere views, you get a community. It's this very feature that has allowed countless Ghost blogs to thrive and create meaningful connections.

As for me? I cherish every member of my community. If you've found value in this analysis and are curious about more insights, consider hitting the 'Subscribe' button below.

With the stage set, let's turn our attention back to the data. What does the membership landscape look like across these Ghost blogs? Which blogs are leading the pack, and what strategies might they be employing? Prepare for some eye-opening member insights from the Ghost blogging realm.

Broad Adoption: Trust in Ghost’s Features

A significant chunk of the Ghost blogging community has embraced the platform's membership capabilities. Out of the blogs analyzed, 1,267 have chosen to disclose their member counts. This openness not only reflects their trust in Ghost but also highlights the platform's ability to foster genuine community engagement.

Sky-High Memberships: The Pinnacle of Engagement

The 'Inspire' blog stands as a testament to what's achievable with Ghost, boasting an awe-inspiring 379,000 members. Such numbers demonstrate the profound reach and impact a dedicated Ghost blog can command in the digital realm.

A table displaying the 20 most subscribed Ghost blogs, ranked by their member count. Each entry provides the blog title and the respective number of members.

Top 20 most subscribed Ghost blogs, ranked by their member count

Starting Out: Humble Beginnings

Every community begins somewhere. In our dataset, 333 blogs have 10 or fewer members. These numbers are a gentle reminder that even the most expansive communities might have once started small, cherishing every new member who joined their ranks.

A Balanced Perspective: The Median Tale

Peeling back the layers reveals a more balanced Ghost blog landscape. A median member count of 67 suggests that while some blogs enjoy vast audiences, many thrive with smaller, more intimate communities.

Collective Power: The Ghost Community's Cumulative Strength

When we aggregate the numbers, it's clear that Ghost bloggers have created a substantial digital footprint. Collectively, they've engaged a staggering total of 2,339,457 members. To offer some perspective, that's akin to a small country's population, all woven together through the Ghost platform.

And while the "Technology" category boasts the highest number of blogs, it's the "Productivity" niche that leads in terms of member engagement. This discrepancy sheds light on the nuanced dynamics of content preference and audience interaction within the Ghost community.

A table showcasing the 20 most popular categories among Ghost blogs, ranked based on their cumulative member count. Each entry lists the category name and its respective total members.

Top 20 Ghost Blog Categories Ranked by Member Count

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): A Closer Look

A segment of the Ghost blogging community has tapped into the platform's potential to monetize their content. Of the analyzed blogs, only 155 have shared their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) details.

Raking in the Revenue: The Gold Standards

Certain blogs have truly mastered the art of monetization. For instance, 'Product Marketing Alliance' stands out with an MRR that many could only dream of: a staggering $110,000. It's an exemplary demonstration of the financial success one can achieve through dedicated blogging on Ghost.

PMA is the new standard of excellence to help product marketers lead their product lines and companies to the next level.

Top 20 Ghost Blogs by Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Starting Small: Every Penny Counts

It's not all about six-figure revenues. Several blogs in our dataset, precisely 43 of them, have an MRR of $10 or less. These figures highlight the early stages of monetization, reminiscent of the initial steps of many now-flourishing blogs.

A Balanced Revenue Perspective: The Median MRR

When we sift through the numbers, the Ghost blogging community showcases a varied revenue landscape. The median MRR stands at $45, suggesting a balance between high-earning blogs and those still finding their financial footing.

Collective Earnings: Ghost's Economic Impact

Cumulatively, Ghost bloggers have generated a remarkable MRR of $387,610. This collective earning is a testament to Ghost's transformative impact on content creators' livelihoods. And while the "Technology" category might house the most blogs, categories like "Finance" truly shine when it comes to average MRR, offering insights into the most lucrative niches.

A table displaying the top 11 content categories on Ghost blogs, ranked by their cumulative Monthly Recurring Revenue. Each entry lists the category name and its total MRR in dollars.

Top 11 Categories by Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) on Ghost

Harnessing Open PageRank for Insights

Open PageRank brings back the crucial metric of website authority, drawing from extensive open-source data. By incorporating it into our Ghost blog analysis, we gain a deeper understanding of their online visibility and influence.

Quick Open PageRank Stats:

  • Total Blogs with PageRank data: 1,540
  • PageRank Range: 73 to 324,686,980
  • Median PageRank: 16,235,864.5

Top 10 Ghost Blogs by Open PageRank

  1. Unsplash - PageRank: 73
  2. Buffer - PageRank: 430
  3. Cloudflare - PageRank: 1,195
  4. Codecademy - PageRank: 1,335
  5. Troy Hunt - PageRank: 10,509
  6. FreeCodeCamp - PageRank: 10,683
  7. It's FOSS - PageRank: 11,497 (Members: 24,000)
  8. The Hunter Blog - PageRank: 13,521
  9. Coding Horror - PageRank: 13,534
  10. HitBTC Official Blog - PageRank: 14,508

These rankings spotlight Ghost blogs that have made significant inroads in the digital landscape, solidifying their online authority and reach.

Analyzing My Blog's Performance

Ever wondered how my blog fares in the vast sea of tech content? Well, I turned to ChatGPT-4's advanced analytics for some insights. And, well... let's just say there's room for improvement! 😅 So, if you haven’t already, why not give my blog a shot and subscribe? 🤓 I promise to keep things interesting!

How am I doing with ChatGPT

What's even more exciting? ChatGPT helped me uncover some fantastic blogs that resonate with my content. It's always rewarding to discover bloggers who share similar interests and passions.

Finding Similar Blogs with GPT

Unearthing the Gems: Key Takeaways from the Ghostverse

Throughout this data-driven journey, several intriguing facets of the Ghost blogging landscape have emerged:

  1. Diversity in Themes: With 34 unique categories, the Ghost community showcases a rich tapestry of interests. Technology leads the charge with a whopping 674 blogs, but it's the Productivity niche that truly shines in terms of member engagement.
  2. Monetization Mastery: The 'Product Marketing Alliance' blog stands out with a staggering MRR of $110,000. A testament to the financial potential within the Ghost platform.
  3. Open PageRank Revelations: Prominent names like Unsplash, Buffer, and Cloudflare top the PageRank charts, emphasizing the far-reaching influence some Ghost blogs have achieved.
  4. Membership Dynamics: While the 'Inspire' blog boasts a community of 379,000 members, we also observe that 333 blogs are at the nascent stages with 10 or fewer members. It's a heartening reminder of the growth potential every blog possesses.
  5. My Blog's Journey: Leveraging ChatGPT-4's analytics highlighted areas of improvement for, but also led to the discovery of several kindred blogs.

For the data enthusiasts among you, I invite you to dive deeper. Harness tools like GPT-4's Advanced Data Analysis to uncover even more stories hidden within the numbers. The Ghost ecosystem is vast, and every dataset tells a tale.